In 2007, after Hurricane Katrina, Chef Minh Bui and Chef Cynthia VuTran wanted to have a new beginning. They were ready to open a new restaurant in Mid-city, the area in New Orleans where it all started for Chef Minh.

Cafe Minh is a place where people can come together and experience different cultures through Saigon’s Southern Vietnamese flavors, modernized with influences from French and American cuisine; all made with the freshest local ingredients available. Unique entrees such as our Crab and Watermelon Martini (seasonal) are served next to familiar Vietnamese dishes like Pho Bo and Ga Roti (see our photo gallery).

The creativity just doesn’t end in the kitchen! Cafe Minh boasts an extensive bar menu; including a diverse wine selection, international beer and sake selections, and a global loose tea selection. Guests can sip on unique, creative libations, such as our Lemongrass Cocktail made from house made liqueurs and mixers, as well as classic New Orleans cocktails.

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Flavors that are available:

  • Cream cheese
  • Cinnamon










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We are now partnering up with Chef’s Brigade NOLA to help bring relief to those in need! Click on the picture below to see what they are all about!

Until further notice we will not be using Opentable for reservations, we are still taking reservations over the phone though. This is to ensure that we are staying within our parish’s occupancy regulation and for your dining experience with us comfortable and safe. 



From The New Orleans Advocate:

“Fusion is back. After years of wincing at the word or trying to talk around it, it’s safe to call it what it is again.

Here in New Orleans, a modern class of Asian-inspired eateries have blown past old memories of pasty wasabi potatoes with new verve and compelling flavors. They’ve put fusion back in currency.

All the while though, Café Minh, a much older Mid-City restaurant, has been providing a very different way to think about fusion. Here, it’s an expression that runs deeper than any dish and reaches beyond the menu...”

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